Voss W Graham

An “Insightful” Addition to Your Team

While knowledge is important, applied knowledge is of Greater Value to You and Your Team. Today, information is flooding our brains with noise. What You Want is More Insights for Results rather than more mind numbing information. Bring Wisdom and Experience to Your Table.

Voss takes an approach of finding the cause of Your problem and helping you to change it – thus creating a new and more favorable effect. If you are looking for someone to assist you in “getting to the next level” of performance – then you have found the right person to help you get the Results You Desire.

There are four areas where he is considered by his clients to be an expert:

Business Advisor / Consulting:

Consulting and Advising Business Leaders since 1983, he brings a functional knowledge and expertise that few possess. More importantly, he gets results for his clients and a great amount of new projects or repeat business due to the success with the client. To read more about his consulting and business advisor skills go the Business Advisory Page.

In addition, he shares his business expertise in his company’s business blog – www.insights.inneractiveconsulting.com . Here you will find the depth and width of business knowledge. As an “integrator of business processes” he has expertise in all functional areas of a business making the Enterprise the Beneficiary of his work.

During the past several years, his role has become the “Organizational Architect” – helping business leaders to design and create profitable growth for their business Enterprise. Taking a Strategic Approach to the Design of your successful business enterprise, he helps you in building a foundation of the right people, the right processes and the right systems for continued Profitable Growth.

Business Coach:

Coaching before coaching was known as coaching! Voss has been helping leaders and others improve their position and results for over 30 years. He has a reputation with several of his clients as the man who gets you promoted. Which is the ultimate compliment to a coach. To learn more about the areas for coaching success go to the Coach’s Page for more information.


He has written a B2B sales book – Three Games of Selling and numerous published articles and reports. He is actively writing weekly posts for three resource sites (blogs) and is working on his second book – on Leadership. To read more go to the Author Page.

As Blog poster he has a Top Twenty rated sales blog – www.DevelopingB2BSales.com with over 370 pages of B2b Sales Tips; How to…; Using Questions for Improving sales results; Becoming a Sales Superstar; and other Topics for improving your sales performance. Each article has both the issue or concept and then how to improve your results.

He also is a regular contributor to the HR Professional Magazine, Greater Memphis Chamber’s Small Business Council, and many other publications – both printed and website distributed; and occasional posts with 10 other blogs with topics on Hiring & Selection; Hiring Sales Winners, Strategic Leadership; Personal Development; Sales Management best practices; and Using Assessments in Your business.


A Speaker and Presenter to corporations and associations for twenty years. They enjoy his high energy and humor as they learn business topics and information they can use immediately to succeed in their job. Several common topics are listed, however, if you need a custom presentation to your group – he will tell you if he can deliver or not. And, if not, he can use his speaker contacts to find the right person for your need. To learn more about the topics go to the Speaker’s Page.