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Voss Graham talking about Talent Reality video

Check out my video introduction to this amazing business simulation about Talent.


If you are interested in attending our open sessions, click on this link – Talent Reality Information & Registration

Running a Successful Business

Hey everyone, I’m creating a blueprint for running a small business successfully. Recently I sat down and began a thought process about exactly I wanted to do over the next five years. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightening, I need to share my knowledge on how to run a successful business.

After 30 years of successfully operating his own business and having had two parents who ran their own business, I realized I could help other entrepreneurs to create, start and build a successful business. So I’m compiling a complete “how to” for creating, starting and successfully growing your business.

Entrepreneurs are a special type of person – willing to take risks than others want to do, yet feel “they can’t or couldn’t.” Well, I believe you can own and run a successful business – then you take out the uncertainty and have a clear blueprint. Read More →

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