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Three Games of Selling Business Book Review


The Ultimate B2B Sales Book for anyone in B2B Sales. Based upon the building of “winning programs” utilitized by College Football programs and Leading B2B Sales Organizations. There is a reason the same teams are at the top year after year – even with turnover in talent! They all build winning programs.

The first Game is the Inner Game of Selling. Sharing how to build the mindsets of winners. Discover the key elements of fine-tuning your mindset to succeed in business to business selling.

The second Game is the Active Game. While you cannot block and tackle your prospects and customers, you can engage in personal contact of communication. Here you learn the importance of behavioral style to gain rapport with your customers. Then you learn the role of questioning to enhance the ability of your customer to self-discover the importance or impact of your solution.

The third Game is the Selling Game. In this section, you will learn how to develop strategy and connect them to implementation for getting b2b sales success. The main chapters in this section have title relating to the strategies used by the top college football programs! 🙂 Sports fans will enjoy and more importantly remember what is included in each chapter.

Finally, you get a Bonus Section called the Scouting Report of Business Models. Here you will learn about the two primary business models running in the business world today. New information is shared to give you insight into why certain customers do unique priorities which can derail your sales efforts if you are without this valuable information.

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