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Why Leadership is So Important

Recently I was asked by a client about why I spend so much time working with Leaders to develop their capabilities. It was a Great question, since I could be focused upon speaking or sales team development or Strategic Planning for organizations. However, that being said, I learned the importance of Leadership back in the mid 1980’s while helping financially dysfunctional companies get back to financial stability.

This lesson has stayed at the forefront of my thoughts even since. The experience actually created my passion to help leaders get to the next level of success and achievement. And Focus is a wonderful thing, especially when you see the results from the individual leader’s Growth.

Today, sharing my experience and applied knowledge to my clients is my focus as a Business Advisor and Coach for Leaders. The term Organizational Architect is used today to help leaders successfully grow their business enterprise. The mainstay of this focus is to help the Leaders of these Businesses to Maximize their Potential as they successfully Grow the Business Enterprise.

Here a video story of how I discovered the importance of Leadership and the Keys to ensuring Leadership Growth. Please share this post and video with other Business Leaders You Know. Read More →

What’s Your Frame of Reference?

Recently at a conference in New York City, I was involved in a discussion about the differences in communication between the boomers and Gen Y’ers. This lively discussion provided major insights into the real issues of not only the original point of conversation, it showed why and how so many points of discussion are misaligned in today’s communications.

The “Frame of Reference” impacts everyone and is the key source of both agreement and conflict. So what is a “Frame of Reference?” Watch this short video and learn what impact these “Frames of Reference” have upon most things we do – especially when it involves other people. Enjoy…


Finding Focus and Passion – My Personal Manifesto

Several years ago I participated in a three year program called the Strategic Coach. One of the key exercises we had to do was to send letters to our clients and customers. The letter was designed to get feedback from the client regarding The Reasons they continued to do business with you.

From this exercise I learned a lot about what my clients felt about my activities and service and more importantly the Value they received due to our relationship.

The reason I’m sharing this information is due to another game changing moment for me and especially the value my clients expect from me. While there are regular feedback sessions built in to the processes currently being used – I felt something was missing. Have you ever felt this?

Then I began to review all the things I was offering my clients. Funny thing occurred here. There were too many things on the plate and therefore a lack of focus regarding the solutions and results provided to my clients.

Also in this mix was what things are most exciting to me? In other words, where does the passion related to my work come from? So I took an inventory of the things I enjoy doing – like working with assessments (debriefing and analyzing the quality of a team); coaching executives especially in the areas of strategy and people skills; and finally working with top executives regarding their strategic emphasis, direction and focus. And, strategy includes the sales and marketing element – ensuring it is being done the right way for the strategy to work. Read More →

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