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Super Bowl Outcome influenced by Probabilities?

The recent Super Bowl had an exciting finish, which was heavily influenced by the use of Probabilities. What? Yes, you read it correctly – Probabilities.

The post game analysis shows the Seahawks choose to take a higher risk probability than a low risk probability. Listening to the Coach after the game discussing the choice made, it became obvious the selection was – at best – an overly optimistic one. The risk factor discussed was based upon a catch or a miss alternative on the pass play. The thought of a turnover was left out of the discussion.

Now, the probabilities of success are the same in business as it is in football. There are risk factors for both on a daily basis. Choices are made by leaders with both good and bad results. The best leaders are the ones who limit the bad and excel in making better choices on a consistent basis.

Thus, the dialogue regarding probabilities. Probabilities are in play for everything we do and factor into our daily decisions. The real question for each of us to consider is… Read More →

Finding Focus and Passion – My Personal Manifesto

Several years ago I participated in a three year program called the Strategic Coach. One of the key exercises we had to do was to send letters to our clients and customers. The letter was designed to get feedback from the client regarding The Reasons they continued to do business with you.

From this exercise I learned a lot about what my clients felt about my activities and service and more importantly the Value they received due to our relationship.

The reason I’m sharing this information is due to another game changing moment for me and especially the value my clients expect from me. While there are regular feedback sessions built in to the processes currently being used – I felt something was missing. Have you ever felt this?

Then I began to review all the things I was offering my clients. Funny thing occurred here. There were too many things on the plate and therefore a lack of focus regarding the solutions and results provided to my clients.

Also in this mix was what things are most exciting to me? In other words, where does the passion related to my work come from? So I took an inventory of the things I enjoy doing – like working with assessments (debriefing and analyzing the quality of a team); coaching executives especially in the areas of strategy and people skills; and finally working with top executives regarding their strategic emphasis, direction and focus. And, strategy includes the sales and marketing element – ensuring it is being done the right way for the strategy to work. Read More →

Running a Successful Business

Hey everyone, I’m creating a blueprint for running a small business successfully. Recently I sat down and began a thought process about exactly I wanted to do over the next five years. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightening, I need to share my knowledge on how to run a successful business.

After 30 years of successfully operating his own business and having had two parents who ran their own business, I realized I could help other entrepreneurs to create, start and build a successful business. So I’m compiling a complete “how to” for creating, starting and successfully growing your business.

Entrepreneurs are a special type of person – willing to take risks than others want to do, yet feel “they can’t or couldn’t.” Well, I believe you can own and run a successful business – then you take out the uncertainty and have a clear blueprint. Read More →

Check My New Website


Okay, I’m not from Uncle Sam telling you to enlist. Yet, I will ask you to bookmark my site or connect via the RSS feeds or any of your favorite Social Media accounts.

I will be writing some very cool articles, opinions, book reviews, philosophy statements, and other cool information on this site.

Since I’m known as “Your Knowledgeable Partner” I will be sharing ideas, concepts, best practices, and insights into current affairs. Read More →

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