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InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc.

For more than two decades now, InnerActive Consulting Group has provided consulting and development services that get targeted results in a dynamic and changing business environment. Our core focus is always on the people — developing their skills, abilities, confidence, and performance — because organizations succeed only when the people involved are engaged and focused on getting results.

Having assisted companies of all sizes from coast to coast, we know what works –and what doesn’t work–especially in transitioning sales teams from transactional to major account selling. Through this experience, we have developed proven processes for identifying and eliminating barriers to high performance in sales.

We’ve also learned that every company and every situation is different. That’s why we begin with a thorough analysis of your current situation, using some of the best assessment tools to capture unbiased and objective data. We provide plan(s) for addressing the specific challenges facing you and your company.

Being a Process Consultant, we offer solutions to fit your situation rather than forcing you to fit our solution or technology. Providing you with the tools to continue improving in the future rather than becoming dependent upon us. We believe in developing people rather than having people become dependent upon us. Get the solutions that work – get results today.

The Turnaround Years

Prior to launching InnerActive Consulting Group in Memphis, TN, Voss was a turnaround expert who assisted companies that were having financial hardships. During this period, Voss experienced working with companies whose focus was not on thriving, but upon surviving.

A different mindset was necessary for working with these companies due to the urgency or speed of turnaround necessary for their survival. This time period called for tough decisions and calls for action to create short term results. Strategic planning was not the emphasis – crisis management took center stage with each consulting assignment.

It was during this time period that I made a huge discovery regarding the importance of leadership in organizations. This is when I discovered the importance of leadership in organizations. This knowledge changed the course of my consulting career. Improving Leadership at all levels of the organization became the Focus for Results.

Member of Consulting Networks

Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC)

This group of process consultants was organized under the guidance of Alan Weiss, a world class OD Specialist, who is singled out by Fortune 100 companies to provide instruction and guidance in solving issues for their organizations.

SAC is an active group of consultants and business advisors from around the globe who together share information and ideas to assist each other and the clients working with these consultants.

We have daily forums providing insight and solutions to specific issues encountered by clients. This allows for expanded knowledge and expertise for each member of the organization.

TTI Chairman’s Club

This group of top performing consultants was organized and selected by the chairman of TTI Performance Systems – Bill Bonnstetter.

This group shares information, insights and ideas with each other to assist in the continued success of each member. The sharing and networking of these top performers in their respective consulting fields leads to an accumulation of best practices for each member. Think Tank sessions and Research Projects are used to improve the use of Assessment Practices within our Client Organizations.

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