Business Coach

Voss Graham has been coaching people in organizations for over twenty years – even before “Coaching” was known to be “Coaching.” Since Voss is a results driven coach, his experience has assisted the people he has coached to become:

  • Better Leaders of Organizations, Teams and Groups
  • More Effective Sales Leaders who Leverage Results and Performance
  • Improved B2B Sales people – How to Win Major Accounts
  • Improve their People Skills to Match their Technical Skills

Most importantly, Voss’s reputation as a coach is that” he gets people promoted.” That is the highest honor a coach can receive from his clients.

Specific Areas of Business Coaching Expertise include…

Executive Leadership and Manager Coaching

  • Discover Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses and the Impact upon Performance
  • Study Best Practices by Leaders and How to implement into Your Processes
  • Review the Effectiveness of Your Communication – up, down and with peers
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Teams and the Team Dynamics

Fast Trackers and High Potential Coaching

* Get these people promoted faster due to significant improvement in performance
* Focused program for addressing your specific communication challenges.
* Tools that identify the Things you should or should not do with Different Types of People.
* Develop the People Skills in the Technically competent and knowledgable person

Sales Management Coaching

  • Evaluate and Review the Quality of the Sales Team – A, B or C team analysis
  • Check Alignment of Sales People to the Sales Position for High Performance
  • Identify Mismatches and Potential Performance Problems on the Sales Team
  • How to Hire and Select Winners for each Sales Position

B2B Sales Coaching

* Improve Your Sales Performance and Increase Revenue Results.
* To Become a High-Performance Sales Person.
* Develop or Fine-Tune your Personal Sales Results.
* Build strong Customer Relationships – where They look forward to Working with You.
* Techniques that include inneractive methods to insure Great Rapport with Customers.

Assessment Application Coaching

  • Proven assessment tools to quantify your natural strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learning which Assessment Tool to use in identifying issues for an organization – identifies potential conflict
  • Identify Cause and Effect Relationships from the Assessment Data
  • How to use assessments in Hiring and Selection Processes for Top-Grading Talent

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