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Here are various resources and links to resources created by Voss Graham as tools for your improvement and development.

Voss W Graham’s Store for Training & Resources

At this site you will find several online training courses, ebooks and additional learning opportunities.  The training will be for Leadership Training, Running Successful Small Business, Effective Communication, Gaining Rapport with Anyone, and The New World of B2B Selling.

Please note: there will be New Topics added each Month.

Webinars by Voss W Graham

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Books by Voss Graham

Book Cover for Three Games of Selling

Three Games of Selling

Three Games of Selling – the ultimate business-to-business (B2B) sales development book or ebook for You. Using the Winning Football teams as an analogy for learning how to build a winning sales team. Excellent reviews by others who have read this book.

Available for Kindle at

Available as a Soft Cover Book or a PDF eBook at Three Games of Selling .com

Voss is currently working on a new book on Leadership. Coming 2nd Quarter of 2016.

Articles by Voss Grahamtyping article

Download any of these PDF formatted Articles for you and your team: To download “Right Click” then select the “save file as” and select where you want your PDF to download to your computer.

Shared Leadership – A Unique look at Leadership being Shared by Everyone.
Mick Jagger Killed the Mass Market – Shows How the Rolling Stones used a popular song from the 60’s to change the way people see marketing.
Are Football Fans Better Sales People? – A Learning Experience about what real football fans are learning while watching college football in person or on TV.
Becoming a Sales Superstar – Shows the 10 Critical Factors for Becoming a Sales Superstar.
Effective Communication for Results – Shows Why Effectiveness should be a prime focus of all communication with others.
Myths and Truths about the Sales Process – A Look at the Classic Myths of the Sales Process and How to Deal with Each Myth successfully.
What Does a Personal Coach Do for You? – Shows the Reasons for Having a Personal Coach, Knowing What to Expect and How to Improve Your Results Significantly.
Aligning Sales and Marketing for Dynamic Growth – A Must Read for Sales and Marketing Executives, shows the importance of aligning sales and marketing if you want to have dynamic growth in your organization.
Are You Managing People Effectively? – One of the Most Read articles, showing one of the most important principles in managing people effectively. Article addressing the concept of “Task Level Maturity” and how it impacts job performance and management skills.

Blogs / Weekly Resource SitesBlog

Check out these Resources for up to date information on the business topic. Voss Graham is the featured author on these three resources and he will post new information each week. Be sure to bookmark all the sites or just the one you want.

Business Tips and Insights for Leaders
Tips and Techniques for Business to Business Selling
How to Get the Right Assessment for Your Business
How to Set-Up a Business Blog

Online Training Sources

Basic Sales Training Online

Phoenix Seminar Online

Mastery of Sales Management

Other Websites for Specific Needs and Resultswww

These sites are used by InnerActive Consulting Group to keep clients informed on specific information regarding areas of performance improvement for individuals or organizations.

Hiring Sales Winners – The Process and Results of Selecting Higher Quality Sales People
Hiring High Performers – Find a Six Part video series on the Hiring Process
Effective Communication for Results – Our Best Workshop on Effective Communication
Developing B2B Sales – A Top Twenty Sales Blog for B2B Sales Teams
Flexible Selling – The Behavioral Selling workshop site – How to Sell to Anyone
Phoenix Seminar – Number One Personal Development Workshop by Brian Tracy

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